Cricket Academy

Develop Your Athleticism For Cricket

Term 2 2022

Our team of Physical Performance Coaches have created a program designed to enhance all aspects of performance on the cricket field. Whether you are a fast bowler, batter or an all rounder, the program will teach you about your body, how to move efficiently on the field and create an athlete that is strong, powerful and robust.

The aim of this program is to educate you, the athlete on the importance of physical preparation and help you achieve your goals.

Cricket Athlete Programs

Cricket Specific Speed, Agility and Strength Sessions

These 90-minute sessions will focus on:

  • Soft tissue preparation and injury prevention for the 2022 season.
  • Speed and agility mechanics specific to fast bowlers, fielders and batters.
  • Cricket specific strength, stability and power work to assist in bowling faster, hitting further and creating a better fielder.
  • The transition from offseason to in-season training

Note: The video displayed is from a previous term but enjoy the introduction of our Cricket Academy!

When it is and how much it costs:

Dates: 3rd of May – 21st of June

Time and Day: Tuesday, 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Ages: 11-17 years

Cost: $148.50

Location: Acceleration Brisbane Central, NAB Stadium, 16 Dixon Street, Auchenflower

What to bring: Clothes for activity, water bottle, Covid-safe facemask.

Brisbane Central

Questions?  Email Dan at [email protected] or ring 07 3859-6000.
Location: NAB Stadium, Acceleration Gym, 16 Dixon Street, Auchenflower, QLD 4066