Regional QLD Speed Clinics

Speed Clinic For Regional Queensland Athletes

Free Speed Clinic in Your Town

The athletes that stand out from the crowd all have one basic sports element in common, amazing speed and agility.

Now it’s time for other QLD athletes to get access to our famous speed and agility programs.

Your Acceleration’s Speed Clinics will include Acceleration Australia’s Founder and Managing Director, Stewart Briggs.

Benefits of this Free Camp!

  • Push Your Body – Learn the subtle aspects of speed training for your sport from face-to-face coaching.
  • Running Form Correction – Select the option to have your sprinting videoed for future analysis from a Performance Specialist.
  • Learn for a Lifetime of Sport – Educate yourself so you can train with Acceleration Australia online with better effectiveness.

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Who is Your FREE Speed Clinic Coach?

Stewart Briggs is the Managing Director of Acceleration Australia and is originally from Regional Queensland himself. He has dreamt of doing these clinics for over 20 years and now the time has come to start helping more country Queenslanders.

He was the first Australian to work full-time in USA College Sports as a Head Strength & Conditioning Coach. Stew and his wife Vicki moved back to Brisbane to start Acceleration Australia in the year 2000.

He and his fantastic staff at Acceleration Australia have worked with literally 1000’s of athletes and teams, so now it’s time to start helping other Queenslanders outside of Brisbane and the Gold Coast!

Where is your FREE Speed Clinic?

Regional QLD Speec Clinics 2023: For athletes aged 8+

Clinic locations and times can be found on the enrolment form.

Sunshine Coast – 7 Aug

Maryborough – 9 Aug

Bundaberg – 10 Aug

Gladstone – 12 Aug

Rockhampton – 13 Aug 

Mackay – 14 Aug

Emerald – 19 Aug

Roma – 21 Aug

Chinchilla – 22 Aug

Toowoomba – 23 Aug

Acceleration Road Trip 2023

What's involved at the Speed Clinic?

  • 20 minutes of Dynamic Warm-up and Running Form
  • 20 minutes of Movement System and Agility Training
  • 20 minutes of Stability and Mobility for Improving Speed

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Interested in work experience in Sports Science? Ask Stewart about how you can get involved with Acceleration.

Are there any Costs Involved?

When you go to Sign Up for the Speed Clinic, there will be three different payment options.

Which would you pick?

  • $0 – For the 1-hour Speed Clinic!
  • $18– Includes the Free Speed Clinic + 4 Week Sport Specific Online Training Program
  • $42 – Includes the Free Speed Clinic + 4 Week Sport Specific Online Training Program + Video Analysis & Feedback of  your Sprinting Form
  • $166 Customised  Online Training Program + Free Speed Clinic + Video Analysis + Fusionetics Analysis

What are the Sport-Specific Online Training Programs?

  • Speed, Agility, Strength and Power Programs made for a specific sport e.g. Basketball
  • Do this program at your local park, gym or sports court to become more agile, quick and powerful for YOUR sport.
  • Check them out Here

What is a Video Analysis of my Sprinting Form? 

  • This is where our coach will video you running from different angles.
  • We’ll use this footage to see how your sprinting form is looking and give feedback on any things to improve on e.g. keep your toe up when running or swing your arms wider
  • Practice running using this feedback to see a difference in your running form and speed.

What is a Customised Online Program and Fusionetics Analysis? 

  • A Customised Online program is just that – a program customised to YOU, your sport, what your body needs, what your goals are and what equipment you have available.
  • This online program also includes a weekly Zoom meeting with your Acceleration Performance Coach to make sure that you’re receiving great feedback to help advance your skills
  • This program is different to the Sports Specific programs as it isn’t genetic to a particular sport, you get to work on what you need to work on e.g. vertical jump or agility.
  • Funsionetics is an AI movement and function analysis software that identifies deficiencies in your movement patterns that enables us to create an accurate training program for your body’s needs