Netball Academy

Gain Strength and Stability for Netball

*This is a previous Camp. Follow our social media @accelerationaustralia for updates of when this Camp is next on.*

Netball is a unique sport that requires special considerations. Acceleration’s Netball Performance Programs include everything a netball athlete needs to be strong, stable, quick and confident.

We love working with Netballers because these athletes are very dedicated and hard working.

Netball Strength Training

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8 x  75 min gym sessions at your nearest Acceleration centre. This program has been designed specifically for netballers who want to increase their strength, power and vertical jump. It includes all of these components.

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What to Bring: Athletic Gear, Water Bottle and Towel.
No singlets, please to help with keeping things clean.

Location: Acceleration Brisbane East Weight Room, The Arena, Sleeman Sports Complex, Park in P2
netball training academy

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Brisbane East

Email Carlos at [email protected] or call 07-3390-3997. Sessions are held at the Arena, The Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler.  Park in P2 (Find us behind the Gymnastic Building)