Rugby League Performance Training at Carina JR

Rugby League is one of the roughest sports in the world.

Physical preparation is necessary in the game of rugby league where strength, speed and agility is essential for any athlete wanting to get ahead of their competition.

Acceleration Australia is super excited to join the community of the Carina RLC to offer our best coaching and programming to help your junior athletes get stronger and faster in a fun, motivating and safe environment.

From this page, you can launch into some excellent training at your weight room and on the field.

Our goals for these programs are:

  • To Build a Positive Training Culture
  • To Be a Part of the Carina RL Community
  • Help to Develop your Juniors into the best they can be

Read on to find out more about the Training at your club in 2024.

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Your TRAINING Program Includes:

Join these training sessions in the Carina Rugby League Performance Training Centre.


The 4pm sessions will include 30 minutes of:

  • Dynamic Warm-up (Running Form)
  • Speed & Agility (Movement System)
  • Recovery

Improving quickness and agility is Acceleration’s speciality. Your coach has designed a program to improve your speed, agility and running form.


The 4:30pm sessions will include 60 minutes of:

  • Dynamic Warm-up (Running Form)
  • Speed & Agility (Movement System)
  • Power Exercises
  • Steering Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Recovery


The 5:30pm session will include 60 minutes of:

  • Power Exercises
  • Steering Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Recovery

Where,  When, and How Much.

Location: Carina Rugby League Performance Training Centre

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

Dates: 19th of February 2024 – 6th of March 2024

Start Times:  4pm, 4:30pm & 5:30pm see form

Location: Carina Juniors, 1390 Creek Rd, Carina QLD 4152.

Cost Per Person:  $60 for 6 x 30 minute sessions or $120 for 6 x 60 minutes or $24 for a one-off session.

See Enrolment Forms for more information.

What to Bring: A towel for sweat, a water bottle and wear activewear.

“I am super super looking forward to getting the Juniors going!

The Speed Sessions are about foundation running mechanic positions and rugby specific change of direction manoeuvres.

The Strength Session will be exposing athletes to foundational movements patterns along with joint, trunk and stability exercises that will prepare the athletes for the pre-season that is coming. “

– Kyle Cook


We know the tricks to improve your speed, strength & agility. Now it’s up to you …

If you’re ready to improve your athletic performance, then look no further than Acceleration. We’ve helped tens of thousands of athletes reach peak performance since 2011. Contact us today to learn how our training really works.