Be an Athlete of Life

Some Acceleration athletes aren’t serious about sport. But they are keen to get the most out of being a human. Being strong, fit and active equals excellent physical and mental health for a lifetime.

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Cycling – A Fun and Rewarding Sport

Cycling is fast becoming one of the most popular sports. Here are some tips and tricks for the new and experienced cyclists.

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Get Better at Tennis WITHOUT Using a Racket

Matthew Stubbings

Get better at playing tennis. Training at Acceleration will focus on strength and speed to make you a stronger and tougher opponent.

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7 Step Plan for Your Marathon / Triathlon Event

This 7 step action plan will help you prepare for your first or next marathon or triathlon. Our coach Byron Williams shares his experience to help you prepare and succeed.

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How to become an Olympic Athlete

how to train to be in the brisbane olympics

Could you compete in the 2032 Olympics? Learn about what steps athletes need to take to get into the Games and become pros.

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How to make a Pre-Game Routine for Athletes

Every serious athlete needs a pre-game routine to help improve their performance in competitions. Here’s how you make one.

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