Be an Athlete of Life

I’m not an athlete of sport.  I’m an athlete of life and that’s a good thing.

Hi, I’m Vicki Briggs. Business partner and wife to Stewart, the founding director of Acceleration Australia.

It may be surprising to the people who know our company that I have never really played sport.

I think sport is amazing for so many reasons. I certainly appreciate the time, effort and skill that the super sports humans possess.

So, thank you for doing all the training and running and sweating and swearing you do because sport makes the world a better place for us all.

If being a human was a sport, I’d kill it.

There isn’t a sport called ‘Being A Human.’

Playing a sport growing up would have been good for me but it just didn’t happen.

Being active was pretty natural to me so I was always roller skating and riding my bicycle and then eventually I found aerobics.

The music, the dance-y routines and getting a workout at the same time; I just loved it.

That’s the thing.  It’s best when exercise is enjoyable.

Being human,  I love exercise that is outdoors.  It’s good for me to be removed from the confines of the same four walls of work, home, the grocery store and the car!

At the end of the day,  weight training is the best exercise to stay strong so I can look after myself.

And not just look after myself but dig a hole if I want to or carry all the groceries up at once or move furniture around.

There isn’t a sport called ‘Being a Human’ but being human means we have to move, be with our ‘team’, eat the right fuel, stay hydrated and be ready for action.

I think we can all be strong and healthy and happy if we have the mindset that we are Athletes of Life!

Become an Athlete of Life

Being an athlete of life means making exercise as part of your daily routine and start as young as possible.

Athletics and cricket were Stew’s main passions/obsessions when he was a kid . Later on instead of aerobics, he fell in love with Basketball. Weird, right?!

He also started lifting weights when he was 14 years old.  He lifts weights about 4 times a week. I started weight training at 2o.

You see, the earlier you start in life the better because as you get older, it is easier to get back into it. I mean, I can still cut a mean grapevine and wide V step!

As an example, my exercise experience paid off when I got COVID last year.

I wasn’t terribly ill, but the fatigue stuck around for a while.  If I hadn’t been fit before I got sick, it would have been extremely difficult to start feeling better and exercising again.

There’s a reason why the phrase, ‘adopt a healthy lifestyle’ is making the rounds.  The research on all of the life benefits is getting proven it over and over again.

So, Acceleration trains more than just the serious athletes.

Give the Gift of Strength

Giving your kids the experience of exercise in the form of sport or fitness and weight training is a really good thing to do.

Without a doubt, you are setting them up for a better, healthier and happier future.

Even if you or your kids aren’t sporty, weight training has been proven to have profound impacts.

We have teens and some adults train with us through our various programs.

To get the kids started, we have a few options:

There really are so many benefits to exercise. I could go on but that’s another blog article all together!!!

Weekend Warriors

As for you?  We train some older athletes as well.

Mainly we see parents and adults who are pretty keen on a particular form of exercise like running, cycling, marathons, trekking, etc.

We would love to start helping weekend warriors train for big, up and coming events.  Think about it….

If we can’t help you, I’d recommend finding an app or a friend or your kids and start with walking and lifting some light weights.

Carve out some time for yourself and your kids and get back into your favourite sport or exercise.

No leotard or leg warmers required!

Call us or Email us for more information today!

We’d love to help.


Vicki A Briggs, B.S., M.Ed.
Director of marketing and finance.



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