EzeJump: Enhancing Our Jump Training

stewart briggs
written by Stewart Briggs, Managing Director

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of hip hop, but I do like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince’s ‘Boom! Shake the Room.’  It’s probably because when our kids were little, it was a good song to sing while jumping on the trampoline. ‘Tick, tick, tick, tick – BOOM!’  With each tick, we would start jumping higher and higher until BOOM, the kids were sent rocketing in the air.

There is nothing like having an exceptional vertical jump.  It’s the closest we humans get to flying.  It is also very important and very fun for an athlete who plays a sport like netball, volleyball, basketball and Aussie rules.

It is also fun as performance specialists to get athletes jumping higher.

We’ve done a lot of research over the last 12 months and have incorporated quite a few new exercises to develop this skill.  And, Acceleration Australia has recently invested in EzeJump for each of our centres to help you jump higher.


Why is this a big deal?

Well, we believe that feedback is key to improving athletes. The Ezejump will be used in our initial assessment of each athlete. This will help to build a profile about which type of training will have the greatest effect on an athlete’s vertical jump.

The key to jump training is to get off the ground as quickly as possible because after 100 milliseconds, the elastic energy dissipates into heat.  Therefore, the longer you are on the ground, the more elastic energy you lose.  Hence you need to get off the ground as quickly as possible.  The EzeJump mat gives you and your coach instantaneous feedback on how long you take to get off the ground.

This 24 second video shows how your Acceleration coach will use this equipment in a training session.  Here the athlete is performing a front box jump using a 90 cm box.  The fastest contact time in this video being 190 milliseconds which is a good achievement considering the height of the box.


What does Ezejump mean for you?

It means you get instantaneous feedback about whether you need to get off the ground quicker or whether a box is the correct height for improving your jump height. The end result is faster results through highly individualised training within a motivational athlete training environment.


What should you expect?

Our programs in the past have attained great results for our athletes in both jump height and quickness off the ground. This means that our athletes are quicker to the ball.


“The EzeJump Mat is a relatively new and exciting piece of technology. It gives us in-depth information on the way our athletes jump, with regards to: Contact time, Reactive Strength and Overall Jump Height. Because it can give us this instantaneous feedback, we are able to use it during sessions in order to enhance the feedback we can give our athletes to provide an overall better coaching experience.”

Nirav Iyer, Head Performance Coach, Acceleration Brisbane Central


Enrolments OPENBasketball  Jump Training program

Over the past year Acceleration has offered a 90 minute Jump Training program that features a more holistic approach to Jumping. Touching on aspects such as; Mobility, Barefoot Training and Technique along with the traditional Power and Strength training this program focuses on getting the most out of each athlete. Due to this, we have seen phenomenal results from the athletes that have completed it, with the vast majority making major gains in their standing vertical.

Call us on 07 3859-6000 if you have any questions or you would like more information.

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