Basketball Jump Training

Basketball Jump Training Program

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Basketball is a reactive strength sport which requires athletes to quickly transition between moving and jumping in different directions. Therefore this program is about improving the athleticism of basketball players in the vertical, horizontal, diagonal and lateral planes of movement.

We have specialised jump training facilities such as the vertimax, vibration platforms, boxes, hurdles, and rubber flooring. We’ll also teach you recovery methods so that you can enjoy a lifetime of sport.

Image: Brock Motum, 2016 Olympic Athlete trained with Acceleration

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60-minute sessions at Acceleration Brisbane Central.

The programs are modified based on age, experience and level.

Each Program Includes:

  • Stability (Deep System and Steering System)
  • Barefoot Warm-up (Intrinsic Control of the Foot)
  • Multi-Directional Plyometrics
  • Strength (Emphasis on One & Two Foot Jumping)
  • Recovery

This program is unique because we have tested and trained more basketball players then anyone else in Australia, so we know how to make you jump higher. It is not unusual for us to see 4-12cm increases within 2 months.

For ages 12+

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Image: Mojave King, Acceleration Athlete for many years and successfully played in the NBL and G League

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Brisbane Central

Email Dan at [email protected] or call 07-3859-6000. Sessions are held at the NAB Stadium, 16 Dixon St, Auchenflower.

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Online Trainin Programs

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