Individualised Training

What is Acceleration Individualised Training?

Individualised Training at Acceleration means having your own program designed around your sporting or rehab goals.  You will achieve great results and you will learn so much while making new friends.


You will be coached by world-class strength and conditioning sports performance specialists who will support you and motivate you to be your best.


In fact, since Acceleration opened in the year 2000, we have trained athletes from over 62 different sports ranging from Rugby Union to Figure Skating.  The majority of our athletes are aged 12 – 28.  Our speed camps and running form / movement training can start as young as 8 years old.  Our professional athletes are often in their 20’s-30’s and our endurance athletes or weekend warriors can be up to 40 years old and beyond.


We work with athletes of any level; from beginners up to professionals. Our athletes often represent their school, state or country.  Some even compete in the Olympics!


We also help people who are training for a specific endurance event, race or general health and fitness. Getting ready for a marathon, triathlon, trek or cycling event? We can help you prepare the right way.

Injured?  We have specific training methods to help the injuries sports enthusiasts commonly suffer like: lateral ankle sprains, Osgood slaters disease, knee tendonitis and ACL tears.  Our training methods also help to prevent these injuries from happening in the first place.

Our mission is to help Australians Move Faster, Get Stronger and Jump Higher for sporting competition.

How does it work?

All new athletes coming to Acceleration must complete a performance testing session.

After your testing session, you can book in for your regular training day and time.

Our main centres are open Monday-Friday with sessions before and after school times.

Training sessions can be booked as early as 5:30 am and as late as 5:00pm.

The options are 1, 2 or 3 times a week for 1 month or for 3 months.

Your coach writes up a program based on your testing session and your goals.

The training sessions are completed at 1 of our centres or at a gym nearby if you have an  Online training program.

We have 5 centres. They are: Brisbane Central, Brisbane East, Brisbane North, Brisbane South and Gold Coast.

In a training centre, you can expect a small group of other athletes to be working beside you and the Acceleration coaches. We keep the ratio of coaches to athletes at 1:3.

The coaches usually have a break in the middle of the day but there is usually someone in the office to answer your call or just leave us a message!

With online training, you will use our online training platform to follow your program in a gym. This includes regular video calls to your Acceleration coach to answer your questions, make any changes to your program and to check your progress.

This is a great way to access Acceleration Australia’s specialised training methods from a distance.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to make gains in the areas of:

How do I get started?

Call your closest Acceleration Australia centre to speak to a coach.


They can explain things further and book you into a Performance Testing Session.


Every Acceleration Athlete must begin their training this way.


This session creates the benchmark of how the athlete is moving as well as establishes their goals for training.


Your coach will take these testing results to create a personalised program tailored to what you want to work on as well as what your body needs.


Individualised training sessions are carried out all year. Most families who enrol their kids treat our sessions like an extra-curricular activity. Our sessions fit nicely in students’ schedules before and after school.  If you or your athlete is too busy to participate in this type of training during the term, during school holidays might be an option for you.  Individual clients continue to train during holidays or some people sign up for the Speed and or Strength Camps.


Interested in getting started with an individualised training session?    Contact Us Today.

What Sports Have We Worked With?

We train athletes with all abilities, from beginners through to elite professionals across a broad range of sports. Athletes can start training with us from 8 years of age, and all programs are written with your age, sport, ability and goals in mind.

Football (Soccer)




Rugby Union



Race Car Driving




Touch Footy

Aussie Rules

netball icon


Figure Skating

Cycling / Triathlon

Mountain Biking


Martial Arts

Rugby League

The Experience

Through our research and years of experience, we know that lifting weights isn’t enough to get results. There are many other things to consider. That is why Acceleration Training, Strength and Power programs focus on more than strength and power work. We work on your flexibility, core stability and recovery.

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OR, you might be interested in these school holidays programs.

SPEED CAMP  – Run along and join in on the fun during the next school holidays for some running form correction, speed, agility, conditioning and fun games.  This camp is a great way to start working on your running form and speed and an active way to spend your holidays. These camps are great for ages 8 to 18.

Strength Camp – School breaks are a great time to get in the gym and get stronger for sport and life.  We start strength training at 12 years of age and up.  This camp will teach proper methods for warming up, correct lifting techniques and necessary recovery methods.  These skills are very useful for sport and staying active for life.