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Your training session will begin in Court 4 (upstairs) where we run your speed and agility training. We have everything from cones to hurdles and ladders to weighted sleds – all to improve how you run and how quickly you can move your feet. Court 4 is also where most of the testing takes place.

The weight room downstairs is complete with all of the strength and flexiblity equipment necessary for you to have a great session. These include rubber flooring, customised Acceleration racks, free weights, cable pulleys and all of the necessary tools and accessories that goes with it all. Our office is open in the mornings and late afternoons. Generally speaking, there is someone there all day (most days) – so feel free to come in.

Contact Details

NAB Basketball Stadium - 16 Dixon Street, Auchenflower, QLD 406607 3859 6000[email protected]

Training Hours

Individual Athlete Training HoursMon - Fri, 5:30am - 8:30am and 3.30pm - 6:00pm
Group Training/ Academy HoursMon - Thu, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Holiday Camps Training HoursSchool holidays, typically in mornings, Mon - Fri
Daniel Nilsson
BEXSS, High Performance Specialist

``At Acceleration we pride ourselves in getting results for our athletes! We will design an individualised program for you, in order to best develop your total athleticism (this includes your speed, agility, stability, flexibility, strength, power, and injury resilience). In addition to this, Acceleration specialises in providing final stage rehabilitation and return to play services for sports-related injuries. We will coach you through your programs every step of the way! From youngsters right through to adults, and complete novices through to elite athletes, Acceleration can design the perfect program for you! We will always provide an encouraging, supportive environment, in which you can choose to train in either a group, or an individual setting. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, to find out exactly how we can help you!``

Ashleigh Harding
Head Performance Coach

“At Acceleration, we are known for our success in building the athletic foundation for most sports - both on land and in the water. We pride ourselves in making sure we prepare the athlete for all aspects of play by building their stability, power and strength through different loading mechanics. Our first point for all our programs - both individual and group - is to keep the athlete injury free, making sure they are able to participate for as long as they see fit. We work with athletes from developmental, right through to elite, as well as our general fitness athletes and will always be there to support the athlete with their every changing upcoming events and goals.”

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