How Did We Get Started?

Acceleration was founded in September 2000, by Stewart and Vicki Briggs.

The concept came from the United States, where Stewart studied and worked as a College Strength and Conditioning Coach. Having grown up and played sport in Australia, Stew knew first-hand that American athletes received far more guidance, help and coaching when it comes to increasing their strength, power and speed.

Through his work experience and education, Stewart was confident that he could make a difference developing athletes here in Australia. He chose the name “Acceleration” because he believes that it is the one facet of sport most needed for success in the majority of sports throughout the world.



With the help of Brisbane Basketball Incorporated (based in Auchenflower), they soon had a home base, and they started working towards their vision of Acceleration.

Stewart and Vicki started very slowly with a few clients in the first few months. Their first client ever was a determined young basketball player named Brendan Joyce, and in April 2001 they started consultancy work with the Brisbane Bullets – professional basketball team.

The following year, they started work at Marist College with 13 willing students. The sports master, Brendan Kiernan was the first person to say “this is not the norm, but let’s give it a go” and since early 2003, they have running Performance Enhancement programs for other schools such as St. Joseph’s at Gregory Terrace.


Acceleration has trained professional swimmers who compete in both national and international swimming competitions, including our most successful athlete, Libby Trickett. Many young Aussie Rules players who have trained with us in the past, have fulfilled their dream of becoming squad members in professional AFL clubs such as Brisbane and Hawthorn.

Acceleration has compiled all of the testing results of all of these individuals, teams and club sport athletes since 2000 on to our Acceleration All-Time Greatest Record Board! You might find your name, or someone you know who has the record for one of our tests!


We now have three locations: Acceleration Brisbane Central, Acceleration Brisbane East, and Acceleration Gold Coast and to help manage our training centres we created AccelerWare which runs every aspect of Acceleration and is fast becoming an internationally recognised cloud-based software for athlete monitoring.

Call us, email us, find us online or visit us. We bring out the best in every athlete. Helping you to move faster, jump higher and become stronger in your chosen sport.


We know the tricks to improve your speed, strength & agility. Now it’s up to you …

If you’re ready to improve your athletic performance, then look no further than Acceleration. We’ve helped tens of thousands of athletes reach peak performance since 2011. Contact us today to learn how our training really works.