Practicum Placement Opportunities at Acceleration

Top Reasons Why You Should Do Your Prac With Acceleration

“Learn more in the weeks you are with us than you ever have up to this point in your studies.” – Stewart Briggs

Complete your required University practicum hours or volunteer hours at one/several of our Acceleration training centres.  

  • Start & Finish Times Flexible. Your Site Coordinator and Supervisor will work with you to organise your schedule that is suitable for you and Acceleration so you can make the most of your opportunity.
  • Hands-On Experience – get real hands-on experience that will stay with you forever in your career. If you would like to become a great coach, then this is the place to start.
    • From day 1 you will be involved in our sessions.
  • Self-Directed and One-to-One Education – learn through our interactive practicum manual that no other site in Australia has, plus get quality education sessions from our High-Performance Manager and Head Coaches throughout your time.
    • Learn about Running Mechanics, Jumping Mechanics, Speed & Agility training which equip you with the knowledge to be the best coach you can be. This includes learning how to do Video Analysis of those mechanics
    • Learn how to do 1-on-1 and Group Testing for a variety of sports.
    • Learn how to coach, communicate and cue effectively with people every day.
    • Join our Staff Meetings, 4 times per year. Sit in and learn from our coach presentations and guest presenters.
  • Team Environment – become part of a team while you are with us. Our coaches treat you just like you are part of the team from day 1. “Be part of something bigger than yourself.”
  • ASCA Qualification – Finish your practicum and complete our Performance Coach exam.
    • Our High-Performance Manager and Head Coaches are ASCA Accredited, so we help you attain your mentor hours for your coaching qualifications.
  • Future Employment – do your practicum at a location where you can potentially get future employment.
    “You can not work at Acceleration unless you have done your practicum with us. However, we only employ the best of the best. Do you have what it takes?” – Stewart Briggs

What you need to start:

  • Blue Card
  • First Aid & CPR Qualifications
  • An interest in training athletes from all sports


We’d love to hear from you. Contact the following person for the location of your interest with your:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume