Every Sport Needs SprinT Training

 For over 20 years we’ve continued to see an increased development in athletes sprint times due to our constantly evolving methods and techniques. In every sport we play, being faster is always advantageous, so its important we are constantly stretching our athletic boundaries to the max.

Because of its ease to compare your testing with previous results, the 20-metre sprint is a good gauge of your improvements in athleticism, especially your quickness off the mark and sprint speed

20m Sprint Test

To give an example of just how important being faster really is, I’ll show you some of my testing results!

Around the age of 14 where I was really beginning to get serious in Basketball.

My 20-sprint went from 3.31 to 3.07 seconds, in the span of just 10 months.

This may not seem like much at first, but using what I’ve learnt in high school physics, the results are quite shocking.

So, by the time my 10-month older (and faster) self ran through the gates at 20 metres, my younger self had only travelled 17.09m.

Assuming I’m right, and obviously I am, that’s almost 3 metres of difference!

In just a mere 20 metres, 3 metres is a HUGE gap.

In a basketball game, this means more steals, easy buckets, crucial defensive plays, and the ability to get past more players with ease.

Eventually, I ended up running a 2.92 second 20-metre sprint at 16 which has now made the gap 4.54 metres!

At this distance, a fast break now turns into a wide-open layup. Imagine how much more of an effect you can have on a game when you can run this much faster than your opponents.

Moral of the story; the training you do outside of your sport can and will allow you to perform at your best. But remember, you can always improve, and any little improvement can go a long way. Your opponents are training hard to catch up. Which is why you must Get Better Today!

Written by, Wesley Briggs
Acceleration Australia Team Member

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