Playing College Sport in the US

Sport give us so many things.

It can also take you places you wouldn’t otherwise travel to.  Even better, it can mean a free college education in the US.

Acceleration can help you get there.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association


The National Collegiate Athletic Association, commonly known as the NCAA is a very esteemed pathway that many athletes wish to undertake.

The NCAA, based in Indiana, prides itself on being able to give student-athletes “the skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom and throughout life.”


The NCAA is composed of

  • 24 sports,
  • across 3 divisions,
  • and is host to 57,661 participants
  • forming 19,886 teams across each competition as a whole.


NCAA Legends

NBA combine testing Australia

The esteemed association has seen many legends pass through it and compete at the collegiate level; with a few being:

Michael Jordan (NBA superstar), Shaquille O’Neal (NBA superstar), Stephen Curry (NBA superstar), Diana Taurasi (WNBA superstar and Olympic gold medalist), Candace Parker (WNBA superstar), Monica Abbott (baseball), Tracy Caulkins (Olympic gold medalist), Natalie Coughlin (Olympic medalist) and Bo Jackson (NFL superstar).

Thus, it is only natural that many Australian athletes want to go and compete at the college level.

Acceleration Australia Legends

A few of the Acceleration athletes whom have gone to college are: Miela Goodchild, Audrey Fuller and Grace Ellis to name the more recent departures.

All of these athletes were aided by Acceleration in their speed and strength training throughout their career, and as a result had a step up on their competition.

Furthermore, Acceleration has also trained phenomenal athletes such as Wei Soong Toh (Paralympic athlete and Asian Para Games gold medallist), Brock Motum (Australian Boomer) and Torrey Craig (NBA player).

As such, it is no surprise that Acceleration can provide the training necessary to make it to the next level.

Get Noticed by NCAA Recruiters

Before anything, you should check to make sure you are eligible.  NCAA Check Your Eligibility

This document explains what classes you need to take in high school and the grades you need to achieve. It will also tell you about the SAT Exam and more.

Outside of this document, you have to think about what the coaches of your sport will be looking for.

You’ll need to stand out. So, physically, you will need to look strong and dynamic.  It’s a good idea to produce a highlight video to show off your skills as well.

How Acceleration Can Help You

Acceleration is part of the process as it gives another layer of training to the already present layer of skill training that is being undergone by an athlete in a particular sport.

For example, let’s use basketball: an athlete who does both Acceleration and skill training will be better prepared for competitions than an athlete whom only does skill training.

It isn’t about the skill level, but it is about the preparation of the body and the extra strength.

Why is this important? The importance of this is by having the physical edge over competitors, you will shine brighter, and as a result stand out more.

This can help tremendously in terms of being more marketable and sought after by colleges.

Combine Testing

combine NBA testing australiaAll NCAA sports conduct Combine Testing for their athletes.  It is a battery of phsyical tests that help the recruiters make a measured, performance-based decision.

Currently, Acceleration offers combine testing specifically for basketball players.  These test results help the athlete:


  • Measure athleticism of an athlete
  • Compare results to those of NBA players
  • Identify areas of improvement compared to past test results
  • Add results to their basketball profile to boost recruitment appeal


This is not to be confused with the testing sessions, in which Acceleration aims to establish areas of deficiency in an athlete and benchmarks of an athlete.

The NCAA Combine Testing host different tests that are used in the US.  For example, a 75 foot sprint instead of a 20 metre sprint.


Get Better Today!

So, what are you waiting for?

Training at Acceleration may not guarantee you a college scholarship but what it will do is allow you to become a better athlete and achieve your goals quicker via either personalised training or group sessions.

This will allow for performance in your particular sport and give yourself an even better chance to get that college scholarship!

Programs on Offer Soon:

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Written by Stefano Di Iorio
Long term client at Acceleration, Bachelor of Advanced Science student and NBL1/QSL player

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