Return to Sport Post COVID19 Injury Free

Are you prepared for return to sport after COVID19?

With the NRL and AFL returning, we can all begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Some of you may have kept training for the return to sport while some of you may have found it hard without coaches, team mates and games to play. Either way there are challenges ahead when it comes to being prepared for the return to sport.

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Perfect Time To Pause and Plan

The year was 1996. The setting was a neat, but old flat among the many uninspiring unit blocks that lined the streets. It was summertime in Bowling Green, Ohio so there were a few other students milling about and woohooing from their narrow balconies. I was 22 years old, trying to finish my master’s degree in record time – 18 months. It was a goal I had set myself as I was keen to start my career at the university as a strength and conditioning coach. I was working under the excellent tutelage of Mike Ward. I was also engaged to Vicki and we were on the cusp of finishing university and starting our careers and lives.

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Training to Be a True Athlete

In my opinion, life is pretty boring without sport.
I’m sure most of you would agree. And, by now, I’d bet all the sports fans in your household are getting antsy. Parents may even be reminiscing about the days of smelly kids piling into the car, catching up with the other parents while watching the game, and the wafts of coffee and sizzling bacon coming from the canteen. The kids are missing their teammates, the competition and the release of energy.

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