How Blood Flow Restriction Can Improve Strength

Acceleration Coach Jack Clayton has done some research on Blood Flow Restriction training.  Basically, the athlete wears a cuff on the muscle being used to restrict blood flow during weight training.  Generally speaking, restricting the blood flow to that muscles means you can lift less weight but still gain strength.  This type of training has some applications that would be beneficial to athletes who are rehabilitating from injury or trying to gain strength during a busy in-season program.

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The Average Guy, Acceleration-ised

Stefano Di Loro

Stefano Di Iorio is a long-term Acceleration client. He is also one of the nicest people we know. We’ve asked him to tell his story about his basketball journey. He was kind enough to write this.

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Kids shoes: why it’s so important to buy the right ones

Learn why it is important to see a podiatrist to avoid short and long term injuries and how to make the best choice when buying kids shoes.

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If you don’t snooze, you’ll lose!

Sleep is one of the easiest things you can control when it comes to performing well at sport. But it is very hard for many of us to get it right. Find some great tips for getting better sleep and why it’s important.

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Boom, Shake the Room!

jump training

There is nothing like having an exceptional vertical jump. The key to jump training is to get off the ground as quickly as possible. Acceleration has the programs to help you and now has an EzeJump platform to give you and your coach instantaneous feedback.

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