Climbing is now an Olympic sport; featuring for the first time at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  We can tell you, its more than just climbing a wall.

On the contrary, it is an intricate mix of agility, power and strength. In the sport, there are three recognised disciplines, which all involve a sleuth of different techniques to be successful. These disciplines are speed, bouldering, and lead.

Our team hasn’t made the finals in Tokyo but they did us proud by doing their best.

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Meet Our Olympic Surfers

Julian Wilson

Surfers all over the world are pretty stoked to compete at the Tokyo Olympics. It’s been a long time coming but they have their worked cut out for them with fierce competition from Brazil and the US.

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Olympic Skateboarding

Skateboard at the Olympics

Skateboarding is one of the 5 new events included in the Tokyo Olympic Games for 2020. Get excited and learn about this exciting sport.

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