Netball Performance Training

Whether you are new to the game, aiming for selections or are looking to break through to professional netball, we’ve got a program for you.

Acceleration has been training Netball athletes since 2010. In fact, we love training Netball players.

With a long history of helping Juniors develop into professional netballers, our expert coaches will tailor a program to your skill level and goals.

Improving your game is more than just training with your team, a scientifically developed strength and conditioning program will help you go from a good athlete to a great one.


Senior Netball Performance Programs

With over 20 years of experience, we have a good understanding of what training the netball athlete requires.

We base the programs for these 18 yo+ athletes on these principles:

  • Lay the foundations by building stability throughout the body
  • Teach the athlete basic running movement patterns and deceleration mechanics
  • Improves the trunk endurance as a foundation for more lower and upper body power training.
  • Emphasise muscle growth and resilience
  • Start power training using jumping and medicine ball throws.
  • Introduce specific conditioning for your anaerobic capacity.
  • Keep working on injury reduction exercises
  • Refine speed mechanics and agility / change of direction.

NOTE: We follow these principles in all of our training formats including: individualised, group, contract and online programs.

Junior Netball Performance Program

Netball is a sport you can play for many, many years.  You’ve got big dreams. Start performance training now to gain a massive, positive impact on your game.

With our younger athletes (aged 12-18) our programs are all about:

  • Build stability throughout the body
  • Teach the athlete basic running movement patterns and deceleration mechanics
  • Stabilise the athlete through the ankle, knee and hip region with dynamic exercises.
  • Introduction of fast acceleration mechanics and aggressive change of direction that replicate the chaotic environment on the netball court.
  • Teaching correct lifting form, warm-up and recovery methods

NOTE: We follow these principles in all of our training formats including: individualised, group, contract and online programs.

Your Acceleration Coaches

You won’t find better coaches anywhere else. Our amazing Performance Specialists and Coaches are smart, excellent communicators and friendly.

Part of their job is to always learn.

They do that through constant education, innovation and through a collaborative culture amongst all Acceleration coaches and allied professionals.

You will find your coaches will be caring, motivated and interested in helping you. Even better, they will be there celebrating all your gains and successes!

Acceleration Coaches also are:

  • University Graduates,
  • First Aid Certified,
  • Blue Card Holders,
  • Athletes Themselves

Get Started Today

Individualised Sports Performance Program at an Acceleration Centre

You’ll receive the best possible programming for you and your sporting goals based on testing results and our 20+ years experience in helping athletes move faster, get stronger and jump higher!

All of our individual sports-performance athletes first start with an Athlete Assessment Testing Session (Price from $102-$208)

Fill out our Contact Us form and a coach will be in contact with you to book a day/time. 

Group Programs and Academies at an Acceleration Centre

We always have group strength and speed sessions and sport academies running throughout the year.  The group members learn and apply high-level exercises within a supportive environment.

– Join the groups or academies running now.

Customised ONLINE Sports Performance Program + Video Coach Mentoring

You can still have great strength and speed gains at home or in your local gym with a customised Acceleration program.  These 4 week programs are based on your goals and the equipment you have access to.

– Buy Online Your Customised Sports Performance Program Today, $35


– Choose a Sport Specific program from the Acceleration Store, $18 – 25

These pre-written programs are excellent. You’ll find they contain all of the signature Acceleration features you need to become more stable, stronger and faster for YOUR sport.

We Get Results!

Acceleration has helped 1,000’s of netball players since the year 2000.   Netball players are some of the best to train because they have a great attitude and work really hard.  They just love their sport so much.

If you train with Acceleration for your Netball Performance Training,  you are in good hands.

Clubs/Organisations We Have Worked With:

  • ACE Netball
  • Blue Jays Netball Club
  • Hills Hornets Netball Club
  • Netball Queensland
  • United Starz Netball Club
  • Summer League  Program

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